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Would You Know if You Had a Radicalizing Employee?

icon Article on Terrorism  •  posted 04/09/16

Companies are at the very early stages of paying attention to radicalization as a phenomenon in the workplace but should cast a wide net when they do. “We’re not looking only for obvious factors like Jihadist material or death threats, we’re also looking for other kinds of misconduct ranging from the lowest level incivility and rudeness up to patterns of annoying and disrupting coworkers,” according to Dr. Park Dietz, founder of Threat Assessment Group, Inc. Learn the indicators of possible radicalization: Continue…

Is Your Company’s Hotline Serving Security’s Goals

icon Article on Investigations  •  posted 04/08/16

The value of a company compliance and ethics hotline as a theft prevention and investigative tool is not assured. Management, operational, and technical issues—or simple neglect—can limit the effectiveness of hotlines. Here is how to get the most security value from company hotlines.  Continue…

Security Briefs: Future Crime, Current Legal Troubles

icon Article on Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance  •  posted 04/07/16

Smart TVs could be a corporation’s weak spot, warn analysts…Companies are detecting hacking incidents more quickly…San Bernardino attacks appear to have shifted public attitudes…Sony Pictures to pony up $8 million for stolen employee data…Risk watch: thieves are targeting vans delivering pharmaceuticals…Benchmarks on two-factor authentication in healthcare…A low-wage worker is less likely to be believed in an internal investigation, says study…New lawsuit blames security company for data breach—could open a floodgate. Continue…

5 Tips to Impress OSHA Compliance Officers

icon Article  •  posted 03/01/16

It can be tough to know precisely what OSHA believes constitutes adequate protection given the absence of a specific OSHA workplace violence standard. The agency offers lots of guidance on creating and administering a workplace violence prevention program—but what specific program elements seem to impress the agency?  Continue…

Do You Need a Drone Policy? What Should it Say?

icon Article on Department Management/ Organization/Surveys  •  posted 03/01/16

It’s critical to take control of the airspace within and above your buildings with a policy covering the flying of drones—but what, specifically, should a policy say?  Continue…

Polygraphs Deter Misbehavior But Can Also Spur a Lawsuit

icon Article on Investigations  •  posted 03/01/16

The mere prospect of a polygraph can tilt workers toward more honest behavior, but using them can be risky.  Continue…

Security Briefs: Real Danger and Free Resources

icon Article on Risk/Threat Analysis  •  posted 02/29/16

The Human Resources-Security link is not what it used to be…Researchers find a link between workplace bullying and suicide…Seasonally adjusting loss prevention could pay off…Could Al-Shabaab make good on its threat to hit U.S. shopping centers?...Free resources to comply with OSHA, analyze global risk, and more…Which employee groups pose the biggest risk to network security?...Hospitals that violate privacy rules probably had a laptop stolen. Continue…

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Do a Post-Shooting Review Before an Incident Happens

icon Article  •  posted 09/01/10

Emcore is a pretty ordinary company—a manufacturer in New Mexico of about 700 employees that makes components for voice, video and data transmission over fiber-optic lines. So the “it can Continue…

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