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Security Briefs: New Technology & Old Problems

icon Article on Automation and Technology, Automation Benchmarks, Internal Controls, Internal Auditing & the External Audit Process, OFAC, Tax and Regulatory Compliance, Canadian Sales Taxes, Master Vendor File, Accounting & Performance Measurement, Compensation Costs, Credit & Collections, Logistics, Purchasing Inventory Costs, Overhead Costs, T&E, Budgets/Security ROI, Computer Crime/Information Security, Investigations, Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance, Risk/Threat Analysis, Legal Issues, Improving Processes, Leadership, Management & Strategy  •  posted 02/09/16

Can a security contract replace tort-law duty?...Benchmarks on strategies used to curb tailgating...The rise—and furor—over “suspicious persons” apps...Burglary isn’t just a nighttime risk...Should you penalize workers for taking the bait in phishing tests?...Fired worker claims his violent threats were due to his disability. Did he win the case?...And more.

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