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A Good Idea, Mixed Results

icon Blog on Crime Prevention Strategies  •  posted 04/14/16

A new crime watch program is Gulfport, Fla., is like many similar programs across the country. Does that mean it will fail? Continue…

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Your Ideas for More Affordable Investigations

icon Blog on Investigations  •  posted 03/11/16

Investigations aren’t cheap—but maybe you can do them more economically. Continue…

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Stress Less

icon Blog on Security Staff Management  •  posted 03/10/16

A survey released March 10 suggests one more topic security directors need to consider. Continue…

So, You Just Won the Budget Lottery…

icon Blog on Budgets/Security ROI  •  posted 03/02/16

What if a security director won the budget lottery? What would he or she spend the money on? Continue…

You Won’t Get Fooled Again

icon Blog on Technology  •  posted 03/02/16

Your security devices are probably safe from being tampered with and fooled. But in our business, “probably” doesn't cut it. Continue…

With Baby, Without Job

icon Blog on Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance  •  posted 03/02/16

Avoid the "big six" mistakes that most commonly lead to discriminatory discharge claims. Continue…

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Put Yourself on the Hot Seat

icon Blog on Security Staff Management  •  posted 03/02/16

You're used to judging the performance of security staff, but have you ever asked staff what it thinks about your leadership? Continue…

Security Staff & Guns: A Double-Edged Sword?

icon Blog on Security Staff Management  •  posted 03/02/16

"The problem with guns is that they tend to go bang." Continue…

Contract Out Or DIY?

icon Blog on Contract Security  •  posted 03/01/16

A college outside Atlanta eliminated its campus police force entirely and handed the job over to a private security firm. Good move? Big mistake? How to tell the difference. Continue…

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They Fight, You Pay

icon Blog on Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance  •  posted 04/30/14

A lawsuit has been filed as a result of that violent brawl in the lobby of the Philadelphia Sheraton Society Hill that made national news more than one year ago. The fight ended in three arrests and one death, that of a 57-year-old man, who had escaped outside to avoid the fisticuffs. The altercation apparently erupted between guests of two different wedding parties, and the family of the man who died that night is suing the hotel, claiming there was inadequate security and employees served too much alcohol to patrons. Continue…

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Is Climate Change Really Such a Bad Thing?

icon Blog on Department Management/ Organization/Surveys  •  posted 04/29/14

Safety and security climate, that is. Continue…

Just How Old Are Your Personal Security Tips?

icon Blog on Crime Prevention Strategies  •  posted 04/15/14

Do you need to update your personal security tips for employees? Continue…

Spotting the Thief in the Executive Suite

icon Blog on Risk/Threat Analysis  •  posted 11/27/12

When $65 million worth of masterpieces by Picasso, Monet, and Matisse went missing last month from Rotterdam’s Kunsthal Museum, art theft was put back in the spotlight. Theft from cultural institutions is often an inside job, but it’s often the insider you might least expect. Continue…

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The Results Are In

icon Blog on Workplace Violence  •  posted 11/20/12

More than 300 corporate security executives participated in the 2013 Workplace Violence Survey, providing our industry with the most current benchmark data available on workplace violence programs and incident trends. Continue…

Heat Is On, Risk Is Up

icon Blog on Emergency/Crisis Management  •  posted 11/20/12

Global climate change has security implications, and a new report suggests that a worst-case scenario is starting to look more likely. Continue…

Special Occasions, Special Precautions

icon Blog on Emergency/Crisis Management  •  posted 11/20/12

It's holiday season and that means lots of parties—but big get-togethers don't always go as planned. Continue…

Power in a Powerful Storm

icon Blog on Emergency/Crisis Management  •  posted 11/06/12

Superstorm Sandy left an indelible footprint on the East Coast, as well as several lessons in disaster preparedness—chief among them, the value and importance of generators. Continue…

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A Map Can Be Handy

icon Blog on Emergency/Crisis Management  •  posted 11/06/12

Superstorm Sandy highlighted the need for a business continuity plan—a road map for continuing operations under adverse conditions such as an interruption from a natural disaster. Here is an example of a plan. Continue…

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The Price of Peace of Mind

icon Blog on Investigations  •  posted 10/15/12

The value of background checks is pretty well agreed upon. But who should do it? How much should it cost? This benchmark tool examines these and other questions on pre-hire investigations. Continue…

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The Risk of Firing an Employee X 16,000

icon Blog on Workplace Violence  •  posted 10/01/12

The economy is on firmer footing than a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean large-scale layoffs are a thing of the past. Bank of America announced that it is speeding up its plan to let 16,000 workers go—sending the workers packing by the end of this year instead of in 2013. How can security minimize the risk during such a turbulent time? Continue…

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