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So, You Just Won the Budget Lottery…

icon Blog on Budgets/Security ROI  •  posted 03/02/16
What if a security director won the budget lottery? What would he or she spend the money on? IOFM polled 196 security executives on that very question.
Asked what they would most like to spend money but can’t under their current budget, security executives were fairly narrow in their responses. Roughly 61 percent of respondents said they most wanted to invest in new technology, and 31 percent identified a desire to spend more on personnel (additional staff, higher wages, more training, etc.). Only 8 percent named something outside of these two general categories. 
Among security executives most wishing they could afford new technology, a desire for new video and video-related technology was identified most often, followed by access control. Several security executives, like one in the manufacturing sector, indicated they wanted “more integrated access control, intrusion detection, and CCTV for critical assets.” 
Of security directors wishing they could spend more on staff, there was a roughly even split between those wanting additional staff and those wishing they could increase spending on existing staff in the form of higher salaries or better training. Of those identifying what type of new staff they would like, respondents named investigators most often.

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