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Could This Protection Paradigm Create Better Teamwork?

icon Article on Department Management/ Organization/Surveys  •  posted 02/01/11

Most organizations have a multitude of specialist functions designed to protect them. The challenge they face is to unify, align, and integrate the management of these myriad protection-related activities. A modern corporate defense paradigm can be a useful tool for internal stakeholders to understand and communicate about the “protection ecosystem” and its many interdependencies. Continue…

Making Difficult Terminations as Safe as Possible

icon Article on Workplace Violence  •  posted 02/01/11

While some triggers of violent acts by employees are unpredictable, everyone knows that firing, demoting, or punishing a worker can elicit a violent response. Why, then, do companies so often seem caught off guard when that very thing happens? Examining recent violent incidents highlights missed security steps that are often to blame. Continue…

Lessons Learned in Tackling a Security Manual

icon Article  •  posted 12/24/10

When Darrell Clifton arrived to head up security at Circus Circus Reno, he discovered that its last security manual had been written on a typewriter. Soon after, he found himself Continue…

Security Training Should Shape Decision Making—Not Just Set Procedures

icon Article on Security Staff Management  •  posted 06/06/11

More than just about anything else, security directors say they want officers who follow procedures. It’s a critical quality, to be sure, but new research offers a reality check. Since a security playbook can’t cover all situations, it’s good to also prime staff to call a security "audible." Continue…

Tips for Online Investigations

icon Article on Investigations  •  posted 05/05/11

The Web provides an unprecedented ability to look inside the lives and minds of investigative targets. In fact, according to one expert, if you use the right tools in the right way, you can usually learn just about everything you want to know in about 15 minutes. Continue…

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How to Maximize Employees’ Value in Uncovering Fraud

icon Article on Fraud/Scams  •  posted 05/10/11

The latest national fraud survey reiterates the importance of having a system to timely capture tips of wrongdoing. But unless you know what influences employees’ whistleblowing, you’re probably not maximizing the value of tip lines. Continue…

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Compliance Programs Key to Preventing Crime & Avoiding Liability

icon Article on Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance  •  posted 02/01/11

There is both good news and bad news regarding corporate criminal liability. The bad news is that the Supreme Court reinforced the doctrine with a 2010 decision, and its application has been expanding. The good news is that there is a doable formula that, if followed, provides a strong shield against it. Continue…

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Do a Post-Shooting Review Before an Incident Happens

icon Article  •  posted 09/01/10

Emcore is a pretty ordinary company—a manufacturer in New Mexico of about 700 employees that makes components for voice, video and data transmission over fiber-optic lines. So the “it can Continue…

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