Security Staff Management

What Traits Are Most Important for Making a Good Security Officer?

icon Article on Security Staff Management  •  posted 01/05/11

The requirements of a post will shape what skills, qualities, and attributes you want the security officer who fills it to possess. Generally speaking, however, what do security executives think is most critical? Which individual characteristics most translate into value for a security department?  Continue…


“Terrorists May Be Among Us”—So What Should You Do?

icon Article on Terrorism  •  posted 07/27/11

“Violent extremists have, in fact, obtained insider positions,” warns the DHS in a July intelligence bulletin (Insider Threat to Utilities). Learn how critical infrastructure companies can weed-out infiltrators and protect critical systems from attack—and what security executives at every type of organization should do in response to the renewed threat.   Continue…

Risk/Threat Analysis

Are Your Risk Assessments the Reliable Decision Engine You Think They Are?

icon Article on Risk/Threat Analysis  •  posted 03/25/11

Risk assessments are at the heart of the value that security executives bring to their organizations, so it seems somewhat natural to them to take on this challenge single-handedly. But unless you conduct some critical consultations—particularly in examining the potential consequences from security incidents—your risk assessment will not only be incomplete, it could lead your operation astray.  Continue…

Stay Compliant


Are You Facing the Truth About Your Greatest Fraud Risk?

icon Article  •  posted 12/03/10

As necessary as it is to investigate an employee’s gaming of the workers’ compensation system or discrepancies in stock inventory, it all pales against large-scale internal fraud. This is the Continue…

Contract Security

Good, Bad, & Ugly—Where Contract Security Is Today

icon Article on Contract Security  •  posted 12/23/10

A just-completed six-month research project by SDR/IOMA compiles detailed data on the fine points of contracting security officers. These data are critical to consult before renewing a contract or selecting a security firm, but what did the survey results suggest more broadly? What is the 20,000-foot view of where the contract security industry is today?  Continue…

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