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How to Avoid Claims of Inadequate Security: Documents and Procedures that Pass the Courtroom Test

icon Training on Department Management/ Organization/Surveys, Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance, Professional Development, Security Staff Management, Case Studies, Recordings  •  posted 06/03/11

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As new legal risks emerge and existing ones grow more complicated, all companies can and should expect a tougher legal environment with respect to security lawsuits in 2010.

In this era of "if you could have known, you should have known," it is imperative for all security departments to establish a protocol that not only protects your company and its employees from harm, but also passes the courtroom test. This webinar recording will give you the tools you need to do just that.

Through illuminating case studies, this program will examine of the most common and crucial areas of liability—inadequate security caused by an incomplete needs assessment and negligent hiring. You will get detailed instruction in the mistakes companies make in these areas that open them up to lawsuits and a protocol they can follow to shield them from successful claims.

Having an appropriate level of security is not enough when it comes to criminal acts that result in litigation—you need to produce records to prove you made a reasonable determination of the risk. However, lawsuits have shown that what the court demands can vary substantially.

Find out what you need to know to stay out of legal hot water when it comes to negligent hiring and inadequate security. Purchase this webinar recording and in just 90 minutes, you will:

  • Learn what popular source of data that companies rely on for risk assessment that frequently doesn’t pass the courtroom test—and why.
  • Learn what data you need to collect to pass a “prior similar incidents” test in lawsuits arising from third-party criminal acts.
  • Get a list of documents that will prove you were “reasonable” in assessing the threat from criminal acts at a particular property.
  • A 10-point management strategy for long-term liability prevention.
  • Get a handle on myths about security ingrained in public’s perception and how they affect juror attitudes.
  • Learn how to appropriately evaluate and use the results of a pre-employment criminal records check.
  • Understand how far your duty may extend to potential plaintiffs in negligent hiring cases.
  • Learn the actions you must take to mitigate liability even if you hire a screening firm to conduct background investigations for you.
  • Learn what information you need to ask for on your employment application and how to ask for it—as well as questions to avoid.
  • Discover a hiring protocol that is almost certain to demonstrate due diligence and prevent lawsuits.
  • When is hiring an individual with a criminal record a responsible effort to provide people with a “second chance” vs. proof that an employer knew of an employee’s unfitness.

Who Should Attend:

  • Security executives
  • Human resources professionals
  • Facilities and operations management
  • Safety committee members
  • Attorneys and corporate counsel
  • CEOs and other members of senior management


Norman D. Bates, Esq.,
President, Liability Consultants, Inc.

Norman D. Bates, Esq., is a nationally-recognized expert in security and the law. As the President and Founder of Liability Consultants, Inc., he provides security management consulting services to private industry, as well as court-certified expert witness services nationwide to both plaintiff and defense firms in civil cases regarding inadequate security, negligent hiring or training, and workplace violence.

A frequent media spokesman, Mr. Bates has been interviewed and commented on current news stories regarding crime and liability for ABC's 20-20, CBS News, NBC Nightly News, The Tonight Show, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, U. S. News and World Report, USA Today, and Security magazine, as well as on local T.V. and radio stations.

Mr. Bates regularly presents seminars on civil liability issues and has authored numerous articles and books on the subject. Actively involved with the drafting of various legislation, Mr. Bates authored a recently-passed bill on criminal stalking in Massachusetts.

Formerly, Mr. Bates was an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University in Boston and Director of Security and Legal Counsel to The Saunders Hotel Corporation. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University, Boston, and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree from Northeastern University. He is a member of ATLA, DRI, The National Crime Victim Bar Association, the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, and is past Chairman for the Boston Chapter of ASIS International.

This webinar was recorded on February 18, 2010
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