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Blowing off Steam or Ready to Blow? How to Conduct Effective Workplace Violence Assessments Legally

icon Training on Department Management/ Organization/Surveys, Physical Security, Professional Development, Risk/Threat Analysis, Security Staff Management, Workplace Violence, Recordings  •  posted 06/03/11

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Did you know that there are warning signs in 71 percent of workplace violence events? Or that 65 percent of private sector organizations fail to train supervisors annually on workplace violence? It’s the early stage warning signs that go unnoticed that allow tragedy to unfold before a threat even comes to the attention of the threat assessment team!

When violent acts in the workplace occur, the shock often suggests it came out of nowhere. Once the shock wears off, however, an act of workplace violence often seems predictable in hindsight.

This webinar recording will provide you with tools for assessing the threat of violence by employees and/or visitors, and extend a protocol organizations can follow to prevent claims that they failed to conduct a reasonable evaluation in light of an existing threat, real or perceived. Additionally, you will learn what actions are reasonable and prudent with respect to the seriousness of the threat.

Trying to determine whether an employee is going to blow or just blowing off steam is terrifically complicated. This advanced program will provide you the keys for success in this critical endeavor.

In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • Patterns of escalation that violent events often follow
  • Methods for helping angry employees to be heard without verbal or physical violence
  • Why supervisors and coworkers fail to recognize red flags and how to improve reporting of them
  • Documentation and investigative steps required for examining a situation, assessing a threat’s level of seriousness, and recommending a course of action
  • What employee issues (work related/personal) could result in workplace violence
  • How to establish a reporting mechanism for employees to report information confidentially
  • How to recognize precipitating factors of employees/visitors acts of aggression that can lead to a violent act

Featured Speaker:

John WhiteJohn M. White, CPP, CHPA
President/Principal Consultant, Protection Management, LLC

John M. White, CPP, CHPA is the President and Principal Consultant of Protection Management, LLC, an independent professional security consulting firm. John has over 30 years of professional protective services experience, which began with a diversified career in the United States military and law enforcement. As a security director for a university and health care organizations, and as an independent consultant, John has a well-developed sense for organizational management and protection strategies. He has extensive experience in conducting security risk assessments in a variety of environments, such as healthcare institutions, K-12 Schools, college/universities, and industrial, government, and retail facilities. John is Board Certified in Security Management as a Certified Protection Professional, and he is a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator.

This webinar was recorded on January 26, 2011
Product ID: 11WS01R

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