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Disaster Preparedness: Using Security Risk Intelligence to Anticipate & Prepare for the Next Crisis

icon Training on Budgets/Security ROI, Crime Prevention Strategies, Department Management/ Organization/Surveys, Emergency/Crisis Management, Physical Security, Risk/Threat Analysis, Security Staff Management, Technology, Terrorism, Recordings  •  posted 06/29/11

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When your senior management team comes to you with questions about the next global security crisis, will you have answers? Can you put risk from disaster events in a context that makes sense for your business? Are you following best practices by addressing these critical issues through an effective security risk intelligence organization? (Or are you unsure exactly what security risk intelligence is?)

Company leaders are terrified of the next Egypt (or Tunisia, or Syria). Banking CEOs say political instability is the single most significant global risk they face, and 72 percent of all senior management plans to focus more attention in 2011 on how they address security and other risks.*

It’s no wonder your boss is worried—when the choice is often between safety of personnel and an evacuation causing downtime that costs an average of $100,000 a day.

Are you confident that your guidance during the next security crisis or disaster event will be on target?

It’s not easy when you’re faced with endless information—15,000 intelligence reports in a single month on media and Internet activity related to the Middle East and North Africa. How can you make sense of any of it?

Become the strategic advisor your company leaders’ need by getting a head start on managing the next crisis, wherever it pops up.

Security risk intelligence provides a trusted source of timely and contextualized knowledge and forecasts. It fosters communication, builds a corporate view of risk events, and links different departments during enterprise wide events: guiding investments in corporate security infrastructure, underpinning due diligence, evaluating the geopolitical risk to assets and objectively evaluating travel, especially in frontier markets. Risk intelligence acts as an integration mechanism, linking crisis management to resilience, reputational risk to fraud, executive protection to travel, and data protection to corporate espionage.

Security risk is growing everywhere you look, but companies can’t simply shut themselves out of the market. They must participate yet somehow find a way to preserve capital, maintain their reputation, and protect their employees. This training recording with teach you how to structure and utilize security risk intelligence to help guide your organization through these turbulent times.

In addition, during this valuable 90-minute training recording, you'll

  • Learn the fundamentals of security intelligence organization, including corporate governance and recruiting strategies
  • Receive a practical briefing on how security risk intelligence can link the different parts of your enterprise before, during, and after an emergency
  • Learn to apply the intelligence cycle to your own organization, and how to recruit other risk management departments into the requirements cycle
  • Develop your own categories of risk intelligence requirements to share and refine with your own organization
  • Receive two case studies on how intelligence capabilities reduced corporate reputational and physical risk exposure

Featured speaker:

Michael MassaMichael Massa
Former Global Head of Risk Intelligence, Deutsche Bank, AG

Michael Massa was the Global Head of Risk Intelligence for Deutsche Bank, AG. Based in London and New York, Michael reported to the Bank’s Chief Operating Officer for the Americas in New York as well as to the Head of Corporate Security and Business Continuity based in London. He served in this role from 2007 to 2011. During his time at the Bank, Mr. Massa also led both the Americas and UK-Middle East-Africa combined Security, Continuity, Crisis Management, Data Protection and AntiFraud groups for Deutsche Bank. Responsible for large distributed teams, he addressed real world crises including the Chilean earthquake, the London G-8 riots and the Mumbai terror attack. Mr. Michael Massa built the Intelligence function for the Bank, incorporating Open Source Intelligence and Analysis into the Bank’s risk management posture. The Intelligence team is based in the major banking centers of Singapore, New York, London and Frankfurt, but is operated internationally, from South Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In addition to risk analysis for selected physical asset classes, the Intelligence group supports critical functions such as Crisis Management, Executive Protection, Asset Identification and Recovery and Travel Risk Management. Deutsche Bank’s Intelligence department has directly contributed to key enterprise level projects, including assessment of bullion depositories, and the enterprise response to the H1N1 epidemic. Before joining Deutsche Bank, Mr. Massa was a founder of Sentek Consulting, a commercial and government consultancy specializing in Command and Control networks, Integrated Intelligence and Imagery and Open Source information management. He sold his interest in the firm, which continues to operate today. Mr. Massa has worked in service delivery of technical and financial services, including offshore software development in China, Jordan and the U.S., as well as large-scale enterprise systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration for KPMG. Earlier in his career, Mr. Massa served as an Officer in the US Navy (SEAL), operating in more than 50 countries across Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, including missions to Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya and the Arabian Peninsula.

This webinar was recorded on June 28, 2011
Product ID: 11WS04R

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