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Executive Protection: What’s Required in Today’s High Risk Environments?

icon Training on Budgets/Security ROI, Contract Security, Crime Prevention Strategies, Department Management/ Organization/Surveys, Legal/Legislation/Regulations/Compliance, Physical Security, Professional Development, Risk/Threat Analysis, Security Staff Management, Recordings  •  posted 06/03/11

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Order this webinar recording to one of the nation’s foremost experts in protective intelligence for a detailed tutorial on identifying, assessing, and tracking threats—and implementing the correct level of mitigation.

By listening in to this 90-minute program, you’ll have the tools to change your risk assessment process for executives from a fuzzy effort that results in wasted resources to one that provides a positive return on investment.

Corporate proxy statements reveal wide disparity in executive protection spending—suggesting firms are not entirely sure that the amount they spend is the right amount. Some corporations spend $1 million or more to protect their CEO, while close competitors spend a few thousand. Google cut spending to protect CEO Eric Schmidt by 42 percent last year.

Are you confident that you’re taking all the security precautions necessary and save money at the same time?

After all, many firms have a “one-size fits all” approach to executive protection, which can be costly, inefficient, occasionally unnecessary, and possibly counterproductive to the firm’s or executive’s needs.

In this 90-Minute Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • The best way to tailor executive protection to fit your operation
  • How a security risk assessment function can enhance executive safety and provide assurance that senior management is sufficiently protected
  • How to translate risk assessment for senior management into organizational cost-savings
  • How to achieve and leverage maximum benefit from an intelligence or information gathering unit
  • Springboard an effective executive protection process to achieve additional risk reduction and cost savings

Featured Speaker:

Marissa FenechMarissa Fenech
Manager, Global Public Sector Group
PRTM Management Consultants

Ms. Marissa Fenech is currently a manager in the Global Public Sector group of management consulting firm PRTM, advising companies on building and running corporate intelligence programs. She was formerly the Deputy Global Head of Protective Intelligence for Deutsche Bank AG under the Corporate Security and Business Continuity group, where she structured and managed a globally-based team focused on tracking and assessing non-financial risks to Deutsche Bank interests.

Prior to moving to the private sector, Ms. Fenech worked in the US Intelligence Community at the Department of Defense, where she focused on organized crime, drug trafficking, and money laundering in the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East. She received special commendation for her work supporting the US Attorneys Office, Southern District New York and the OCDETF Strike Force on a major international Africa-based drug trafficking case. Ms. Fenech then joined the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and was assigned to the National Counterterrorism Center, where she was a founding member of NCTC’s Alternative Analysis group, which employed unique models for applying structured analytic methodologies to complex terrorism-related problems. She has taught extensively across the Intelligence Community on analytic methodology, analysis of terrorism and the study of drug movements. She also served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown’s Public Policy Institute, where she lectured on intelligence and national security policymaking.

This webinar was recorded on September 8, 2010
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