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Preventing Workplace Violence: Planning and Response

icon Training on Crime Prevention Strategies, Department Management/ Organization/Surveys, Physical Security, Risk/Threat Analysis, Security Staff Management, Terrorism, Workplace Violence, Best Practices, Recordings  •  posted 06/03/11

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Workplace violence can be easily defined as violent acts, threats, and other intimidation or harassing behavior directed toward a person at work or on duty. But a simple definition belies the complexity of the prevention challenge.

The number of workplace homicides remains uncomfortably high at over 500 per year. Assaults and violent acts make up over 16% of fatal workplace injuries. The FBI reports commercial businesses like department stores, supermarkets and restaurants account for 58% of robberies. Research also shows that high risk workplaces are high risk even in low crime areas.

Do you have a method in place to identify clients or customers with a history of violence – less than half of all large establishments do. Is your staff arming itself? 

This dynamic program—directed at the security professional serving a variety of industries—will provide a proactive approach to preparing and responding to this potentially devastating threat. Workplace violence creates a hostile work environment, negatively affects employees both physically and psychologically, and impairs worker productivity.

This webinar recording  focuses on best practices for mitigating the impact of workplace violence through enterprise-wide planning and response protocols, covering operational requirements, technology, liaison, environmental design, and the importance of the Incident Command System.  The program will also cover Pre-Incident and Post-Incident protocols as they apply to a comprehensive plan.

Participants will benefit by evaluating their current plans, gleaning new ideas to address new threats, and refocus prevention efforts on the elements of a well-defined plan.

In Addition, You Will Learn…

  • Practical first steps your organization can take to mitigate an actual event
  • Protocol for initial response to potential threats that a risk assessment discloses
  • Critical components of a workplace violence plan and how it relates to the All-Hazards plan
  • How to align policy and incident reporting with your cultural environment
  • Effective strategies to encourage the reporting of threatening or disturbing behavior
  • How to establish standards of conduct and ensure compliance
  • The role of upper-level management in workplace violence prevention
  • Utilizing a shared responsibility approach to creating a safe work environment

Featured Speaker:

Robert OwlesRobert E. Owles, Jr., MA, MBA, CSC
President, Owles Security Consulting, Inc.

Robert (Bob) E. Owles, Jr. is the President of Owles Security Consulting, Inc., an independent consulting firm. Bob has over 40 years of experience in security management, which started with a diversified law enforcement career. As a security director for large commercial and health care organizations and an independent consultant, Bob has developed a keen sense for organizational management and security strategies. He has extensive experience in conducting risk assessments in diverse environments, such as healthcare institutions, colleges & universities, and industrial & government facilities.

This webinar was recorded on December 16, 2010
Product ID: 10S09R

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