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Securing C-Suite Approval for Security Projects

icon Training on Budgets/Security ROI, Professional Development  •  posted 12/21/11

Win Management Approval More Often

Security managers can improve their ratio of approved projects by learning the steps to C-suite evaluation and approval. Compete more successfully by mastering the decision process including integrating the strategic framework, corporate key dates, project "socialization", positioning and timing for more frequent management authorizations.

Expert Advice

Join Security Director's Report editor Garett Seivold and Elaine Walker, formerly member of senior executive teams at Pizza Hut, Wells Fargo and Shell, and currently a Lecturer, Northeastern University, and ASIS instructor, as they explore what every manger must know to obtain project and funding approval, including how to:

  • understand the strategic framework used to evaluate funding requests, and position your request favorably
  • better interpret senior management communication and direction to overcome their objections
  • appreciate key timing in the corporate management calendar, and align your project with it
  • and much more on "socializing", positioning, and presentation best practices to insure more frequent "go-aheads".

Interactive Skill Building

This skill building workshop will focus on how the C-Suite team makes funding decisions, and the steps you can take to increase approvals for your department requests.  If you're facing the annual budget cycle, have  important projects you don't want bogged down in the approval process, or scarce budget and a  new risk to address, this workshop is for you.  
This special 75 minute recorded training session is available for only $149.

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