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The Violent Workplace Intruder: Are Your Employees and Business Prepared?

icon Training on Crime Prevention Strategies, Department Management/ Organization/Surveys, Emergency/Crisis Management, Physical Security, Professional Development, Retail Security, Risk/Threat Analysis, Security Staff Management, Terrorism, Workplace Violence, Recordings  •  posted 06/03/11

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Is your firm prepared for a violent intruder? IOFM research finds companies annually suffer at least one significant workplace violence event for every 600 workers; yet, Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows a shocking lack of security safeguards at America’s workplaces:

  • 58% do not have an intruder/burglar system
  • 78% do not have surveillance cameras
  • 70% do not have secured entry/locked doors
  • 84% do not register or check in visitors

The violent workplace intruder comes in different forms—each posing a unique challenge that requires specific protocols for response. Would your employees know what to do if a violent intruder came into the workplace? Have you taken the steps required for preventing incidents and mitigating the harm a violent intruder could cause?

This webinar recording will provide you with actionable advice to answer the difficult questions that every business faces today and examine what you should do to prepare and protect workers and others from a violent workplace intruder. You'll also hear what to teach them, procedures to help them survive such an incident, and preventive, mitigating and de-escalating measures your company should put in place to protect them.

In addition, you'll:

  • Discover how to alert and instruct staff and others during a violent intruder incident, including an active shooter.  What are the mechanisms by which you can announce and inform? What should you say?  What options do you have?
  • Learn how your local law enforcement agencies can and will support you in planning for and responding to the violent intruder. The power of the ongoing liaison.
  • Discuss the violent intruder incident as it should relate to your emergency and crisis management program and how Incident Command factors in. How and when do you make the judgment calls?
  • Learn the four necessary components of a proper workplace violence program and discuss the four types of workplace violence perpetrators, according to OSHA, and how they may relate to your organization.
  • Discover what employees, as well as supervisors and managers, should learn to make them essential parts of prevention and response.
  • Consider the potential steps that can be taken to mitigate and de-escalate a potentially violent situation. 
  • Learn how to safely and securely plan for the potentially problematic triggering or precipitating event (e.g. termination, lay-off, refusal of service, etc.). 
  • Consider added physical and procedural security measures that may be appropriate.
  • Discuss robbery prevention and response.

Featured speaker:

Dick SemRichard D. Sem, CPP, CSP
President, Sem Security Management

Dick Sem has 40 years of experience within the security profession. For eleven years, Dick Sem served as Director of Security and Crisis Management for Waste Management, a $12 billion international firm with 60,000 employees. He also served as Vice President of Pinkerton-Securitas, the nation’s largest security firm, where he was responsible for 18 offices in 11 states of the Northeast U.S. and 4,000 security officers. As a security and workplace violence expert with Sem Security Management, Dick Sem has provided security and workplace violence advice and support to a wide range of businesses and organizations throughout North America and Europe. He has served clients as an independent consultant for twelve years, providing expertise in areas including security planning, workplace violence prevention and response, emergency planning and training for the healthcare, educational, manufacturing and food industries.

This webinar was recorded on April 14, 2011
Product ID: 11WS03R

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